Hello! I am Shubham Rasal. I am Post-Graduate Student in Computer Science.  
 I have  passion for programming and software development.

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 Student Competition Registration Portal 

This project provides all functionality to the students to register for competition and details and shows the results of the competition.It provides necessary controls to admin to add and update competition, adds winners, adds co-ordinators, adds volunteers, adds students, and some basic functionality.Technologies used: HTML,CSS,PHP,MYSQL.

Project Source Code: Student Competition Registration Portal

File Packer Unpacker                                                

This project is used to combine multiple file data into single file.At time of packing a file we store data of all files in a single file in specific manner.At the end of Unpacking we retrieve data from packed file for each file.

Project Source Code: File Packer Unpacker

Timemachine script in Python 

It is tool called timemachine that takes copies of specificed fies so that it builds a history of thier changes over time.It take an initial copy when file is first added to the configuration or the script is first first run and then it take a copy each tme it checks only if the file has changed since the script last checked.  Libraries used : argparse,datetime,shutil,logging

Project Source Code: Timemachine-in-python


Master in Computer Science

Indira College of Commerce and Science,Tathwade.Pune

CGPA:  8.9%

05/2019- Present

Bachelor of computer science

Modern College of Arts, Commerce and Science,Shivajinagar.Pune

Percentage :  76.06%

05/2016 - 05/2019

Higher Secondary Certificate(HSC)

Vidhyadham Junior College of Science,Shirur.Pune

Percentage :  61.03%

05/2014 - 06/2016

Secondary School Certificate(SSC)

Vidhyadham Prashala,Shirur.Pune

Percentage : 88.88%

05/2006- 06/2014




Data Structures





Cloud Computing: AWS\Openstack

Infrastrucutre as Code: Terraform

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Shubham Rasal
+91 7218427013


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